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Celebrating our first OMCA sale

Marando Industries is pleased to announce the sale of an OMCA Art.910 plate beveling machine to a US customer. The customer is a large-form fabricator of Explosion Bonded Clad Plate. When fabricating with clad plate, the clad material must be removed or 'striped back' from the edge to avoid mixed-metallurgy in the weld. This process is typically accomplished with an air-arc torch and a grinder. This traditional approach is slow, inaccurate, expensive and ergonomically challenging. Leveraging the same great carbide-insert milling technology that underpins its full line of plate beveling machines, OMCA developed the Art.910 specifically for strip back machining on clad plate. OMCA is the world leader in portable plate beveling machines with more than 50 Years experience designing and delivering state of the art beveling machines to the global market.