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OMCA Portable Plate Beveling Machines

Marando Industries is proud to announce a strategic partnership with OMCA srl of Italy. OMCA is a world leader in plate beveling technology offering a full line of portable, bench and hand-held bevelers. All OMCA machines operate on the milling principal with indexable carbide inserts. This is a prime advantage for OMCA machines as most competitive products operate on a shear disk principal with lower quality, reduced control and higher operating costs. OMCA combines innovative and industry leading technology with old world craftsmanship. Customers of OMCA products enjoy long service life and high reliability. The OMCA family of plate beveling machines evolved over 5 decades of family ownership and a proud heritage of innovation, quality and customer satisfaction. We at Marando Industries are proud to announce our support for the sales and service of OMCA beveling machines in the US market.