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Vision Inspection System

We love a challenge! A good customer contracted Marando Industries to develop a custom vision inspection station to control the quality of part kits on a manual packing line. The kits are sold in a variety of configurations so they needed a way to insure each kit contained the correct number of parts, the correct color parts, the appropriate packing materials, the assembly instructions and that everything in the box matched the label and barcode outside the box. The system incorporates 2 vision sensors and vision controller from Keyence in an ergonomically designed portable vision inspection station capable of preventing completion of incorrect kits by disabling downstream equipment.

We're Growing!

We're welcoming Dan Kiefer to our team. Dan is an experienced machinist, mechanic and all around trouble shooter. Dan attended Pennsylvania School of Technology in Williamsport and has worked as a machinist and maintenance technician before joining Marando Industires. Dan is an Eagle Scout and an avid 'car guy' with an impressive collection of vintage muscle cars and pickups. Dan is machinist by training but a craftsman at heart, we're excited to have him join our team.